How we can help you?

  • Administrative Structure
    • Incorporation, Reinstatement & Dissolved Ministries.
    • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
    • Bylaws & Church Constitution. 
    • Policies & Procedures.
    • Organize bookkeeping.
      • Setup Software.
      • Train Office workers to maintain system that works for your church.
    • Develop a system for organizing church records.
    • Organize a Building Maintenance Schedule.
    • Ministry Vehicle Maintenance Schedule.
    • Set-up background checks for Ministries.
    • Outside Audits of financial records.
    • Set-up CCLI copyright licensing. 
    • Set-up Email Accounts and Office software.

  • Conflict Resolution
    • Work with Pastors and Congregations to Biblically resolve internal conflict.
    • Identify potential problem areas throughout the ministry. 
    • Help with Biblical Church Discipline.

  • Children’s Ministry
    We have worked with several different children's programs and we can figure out what will not only work, but what will compliment your staff's skills and your church.
    • Vacation Bible School
      We can help you organize speakers, games, Bible lessons, and prizes for your VBS.
    • Youth Camps / Retreats
      With years of experience, we are excited to work alongside your church and put on a great camp for your children.

  • Networking
    • Help set-up a network of resources for churches.
      • Prophet’s Chambers
      • Furniture
      • Equipment
      • Resources for Revival/Tent Meetings
      • Redistributing resources from closed ministries
  • Disbursement of assets after closure.

    This is a very tough time for everyone involved and we understand that by there is nothing easy about this, but we are here to help.  
    • Filing the correct forms with state and local officials
    • Inventory church belongings
    • Networking with other ministries to fulfill their needs of tangible goods, and helping ensure that church furnishings are used to further the gospel    
    • Relocating ministry vehicles (to other works or sell them)
    • Selling or finding another purpose for the building and grounds 

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